Sunday, April 8, 2012

Administration, Management and Nursing Careers in a Healthcare Facility

A healthcare facility certainly needs an administrator, a manager, and a number of nurses. An administrator is needed because the facility certainly has a number of objectives that it wants to attain and a number of policies based on which its operations are carried out. Those objectives and policies certainly have to be planned perfectly and systematically by a skillful and professional administrator, or one who has earned masters of public administration (MPA) degree. A healthcare facility also needs a manager or managers to bring those policies into practice. Managers make sure that the policies that have been laid out by the administrator can be carried out properly and seamlessly so that the facility’s objectives can be attained. A healthcare facility obviously needs to recruit nurses because all duties that are conducted by its doctors certainly have to be assisted by nurses. It also needs a number of professional nurse practitioners who can work independently in the absence of available doctors.

Administrators, managers, and nurses that are recruited by that facility certainly must be qualified to deal with their respective duties. There are many criteria that determine their qualification; however, experience and academic achievements are often prioritized when the facility wants to assess their qualification. Nurses, for instance, are required to be reghstered in order to be qualified to assist doctors. Registered nurses are those who hold an associate or bachelor’s degree in nursing and have passed state certification examination. Nurses with associate degree who want to pursue more prestigious careers have to equip themselves with a BSN degree by entering rn to bsn online programs. Nurses who want to work independently as nurse practitioners need to earn master’s degree in nursing.

A business manager is required by the facility because it has a business aspect that must be perfectly dealt with. Therefore, it will rely very much on managers who have accomplished online mba degree programs in order to deal with that business aspect.