Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sowing the Seed of the Future

This is the power of education and one must endeavor relentlessly in order to acquire it. It is one of the most important necessities of life which should not be neglected, knowledge is foremost and wisdom, the principal thing. Education is the process of learning which is not confined to closed class rooms; education is a never-ending process through interactions with the environment, society and with other individuals which will last for a lifetime.

There are many educational resources available for use today, libraries, respectable institutions and more recently various forms of media such as radio, television and the internet. With these sources of knowledge which anyone can tap into, it can be attained by anyone anywhere.

Types of Education

There are two types of education, formal and informal. It is through the combination and balance of these two types that people are able to exceed and become successful.

When someone is educated in an institution which uses a structured curriculum of learning, it is classed as formal. This is the conventional way of learning; it focuses on the use of educational resources advised by the standards imposed by the governing council for education. Starting from nursery and ending with the graduation from university, depending on how far you decide to progress, this is a very standard way of learning.

An informal perspective would include being educated outside an institution through the use of unconventional methods of learning, mainly through experience. This type uses a direct approach to things and does not involve a structured curriculum. The main educational resources used in are the environment and the society. Due to the nature of the way we learn informally, the process will typically start when you are old very young and continues throughout a person's entire life.

You cannot say that one type of education is better than the other; both have their insufficiencies which is made sufficient by each other. Knowledge not acquired in class rooms can be acquired through experience, while knowledge not acquired through experiences is acquired in class rooms. With the correct balance of formal and informal education, an unbiased, yet objective outlook is developed.


Education the only necessity which is not tangible, but can alter the world of anyone that has acquired it. As technology continues it's never-ending leap into the future, people who are more educated are being to see the benefits quicker. Through education, the seed of success is sown in order to make the future a little brighter than today.